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”I highly recommend this attorney. Not only is she is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of family law, she also takes the time to explain the process and ensure that I feel comfortable with everything. She responds to any questions or concerns I have quickly. Additionally, she is always two steps ahead of everything; that has been very important during my divorce and child custody issues. So, if you are looking for an intelligent, experienced, detail-oriented attorney who helps get you what you need, while giving you the personal touch, you will be as happy with this attorney as I have been.”

Former Client, Mother (Divorce, Domestic Violence Protective Order)

”After seven years of 50/50 custody, my ex decided to go for full custody of our children. I was beyond mortified, scared and lost. I researched Puja online and set up a meeting. I knew she would support me in any way and was very knowledgeable. She helped me with every bit of the process and always kept me informed, answered all my questions and answered all my calls and emails. She also showed me what was fair and questioned some of the things we had in our custody. In the end, I came out with everything I asked for and my ex not only didn’t get what he asked for, other changes were made that I was always to scared to address. All of that is thanks to Puja! She has been more than accommodating to me and wonderful in accepting payments after my court date. She has been an angel!”

Former Client, Mother (Post-Judgment Modification, Child Custody & Visitation)

”Ms. Sachdev is an amazing lady. She is caring, kind and compassionate but also very intelligent. She is always ahead of her game, with a plan on how best to help her clients. For me, she has been there when I called freaking out about this situation or that, calmed me down and reminded me to be reasonable. She is responsive and dedicated. What I like best is her ability to bring peace to any situation, even if its very stressful.”

Former client, Mother (Divorce, Child Custody)

”Puja Sachdev is an outstanding attorney and strategist. I highly recommend her to anyone needing an expert in family law. My children and I are in a very happy situation now, thanks to her skills, persistence, and excellent customer service. She is a kind and attentive communicator and spends the needed time on your case. She excels both in the courtroom and at the negotiating table.”

Former Client, Husband (Divorce, Child Custody & Child Support)

”I spoke with Puja regarding a case that touched upon international parental child abduction, among other family law issues. I had done a fair bit of research myself and had a couple of admittedly complex questions. Puja took the time to understand my case, research the answers to my questions and gave me a very honest evaluation of my chances of achieving the results I desired. I highly recommend Puja for someone looking for a compassionate, ethical and responsive family law attorney who puts clients first.”

Consultation, Husband (Divorce, Child Custody)

”Where do I start, I’m going through a divorce and was researching high quality Family Law attorneys and came across the law office of Puja Sachdev. Puja’s reviews and accomplishments impressed me so much that I decided I needed to talk to her, and possibly have her represent me for my upcoming divorce…Puja answered all my questions and put my mind at ease. She is so knowledgeable, and such a pleasure to work with. It’s such a comfort knowing that I have an attorney in my corner that will look out for me in the best possible way. Thank you Puja! You’re the best!”

Mother (Divorce, Property Division))

”I appreciated that Puja helped explain the process and took care of the paperwork for me. I did not have to do a single thing but to trust her and sign the papers. I am glad that the process was a smooth and easy one. Thanks again, Puja!”

Former client, Wife (Divorce)

”Puja was helpful, warm, and understanding, when I came to her with a rather unusual case. She went out of her way to find information and to keep the costs down. Communication with her was always pleasant, timely, and honest. I felt she had my best interests at heart. I highly recommend her.”

Former client, Mother (Child Support)

”Dealing with a custody battle sucks!! Puja is the coolest most caring, compassionate attorney I’ve ever encountered. If you have dealing with your kids shes the way to go. I have never met with an attorney that genuinely cares about the out comes of her clients cases thanks Puja”

Former client, Mother (Paternity,, Child Custody)

”Puja and her staff were extremely helpful. They always responded quickly to any issues or concerns that I had in a timely matter. She was very knowledgeable and always made sure that I understood everything that was going on with my case. There were times when I thought that my case would never come to an end but, Puja and Andrella never let me give up. They kept me encouraged and gave me hope. I’d recommend Puja and her staff to anyone”

Former Client, Mother (Child Custody & Visitation, Domestic Violence Protective OrderChild SupportSpousal Support)

”There’s no one better”

Former Client, Mother (Child Custody & Visitation,)

”This is a lawyer you want on your side. Excellent advice and representation!”

Former Client, Husband (Divorce)

”Puja is an amazing attorney, and a genuinely caring person. I met with Puja to discuss my Child Custody case, and felt comfortable from the moment I began talking to her. She’s warm and friendly, and has a way of putting you at ease, while still being able to keep you focused on what’s important and what isn’t as it pertains to doing what’s best for your child. In responding to written documents from my co-parent, Puja was able to take my written response and hone it to a clear, logical, and precise document, which conveyed my intent. Her preparation for the hearing was stellar! Puja is an outstanding attorney.”

Former client, Father (Child Custody & VisitationPost-Judgment Modification) DivorceChild Custody)

”I saw Puja needing basic information on starting the divorce process. She put me in contact with a financial law expert who could help me to figure out the best first course of action especially dealing with multiple properties and the possibility of needing to file bankruptcy. She was very knowledgeable , patient, kind, and answered so many of the questions I had at this very trying time. She is an excellent attorney who is not trying to bleed the client dry of money and has your best interest at heart. I will be back to fully utilize her services and would recommend her to anyone wanting top notch family law help!!”

Wife, Consultation (DivorceProperty Division )Divorce Financial Professional)

”Puja is an outstanding advocate for her clients. She combines her knowledge and training in the law with an exemplary understanding of the financial intricacies of divorce that is uncommon in Family Law attorneys”

(Divorce Financial Professional)

”I really enjoyed both working with Puja and soliciting her advice and input. She was knowledgeable and caring. Her advice and demeanor were very supportive and I felt an instant trust with her.”

Wife, Consultation (Divorce)
(Divorce)(Child Custody)

”Puja is the best attorney. She is very helpful and knows the system very well. She is very smart and knows how to set the gameplan. I definitely will recommend PUJA to anyone.”

Former client, Husband (Divorce)
(Divorce)(Child Custody)

”Puja is smart and experienced. She is an effective advocate who offers realistic advice”

(San Diego County Family Law Attorney)

”I cannot speak highly enough of the family law practice (Sachdev Legal), both Puja Sachdev and Andrella Gonzalez are two of the most professional , knowledgeable and detailed lawyers I have retained and dealt with. My marriage was a long term marriage of some 18+ years; this situation was slightly unique in the fact that I had put a significant amount of separate property into the marriage. Puja and Andrella gave excellent and professional advice on how best to represent and protect my asset value. There was a significant amount of detailed work that had to be done in compiling financial information. Both Puja and Andrella did excellent work in preparing legal documentation and positioning my case as strongly as possible. We successfully got to a good divorce settlement via the mediation process. Puja was extremely supportive, helpful, and the voice of reason throughout mediation process. Divorce is one of the most difficult and emotionally stressful processes any person has to go through . Puja , Andrella, and the para-legal were always available to talk and offer good advice, addressing all the difficult aspects of divorce ; child custody , financial issues, child support, spousal support , what to expect in the divorce process– etc. I would highly recommend the legal practice of Puja Sachdev!”

Former Client, Husband (Divorce, Property DivisionChild SupportSpousal Support)

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(Divorce, Child Custody)
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