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Top 10 Rules for Divorcing Parents

Top 10 Rules for Divorcing Parents

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The Top 10 Rules for Divorcing Parents

1. Don’t Say Bad Things About My Other Parent
2. Keep Us Out Of Adult Stuff
3. Don’t Make Me Feel Bad For Loving The Other Parent
4. Learn To Get Along For Big Events
5. Don’t Make Me Choose Sides
6. No Fighting In Front Of Us
7. Don’t Make Me A Messenger Or Put Me In The Middle
8. Don’t Share Or Take Your Anger Out On Me
9. Don’t Ask Me To Spy
10. Give Me One-On-One Time With Both Parents

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Puja Sachdev

Puja A. Sachdev is a San Diego attorney and mediator who focuses on family law, child support, and divorce cases and is a Certified Family Law Specialist by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization.