What can I expect from an initial consultation? - San Diego Divorce Attorney & Mediator
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What can I expect from an initial consultation?

During your free 30-minute consultation, you will fill out an intake sheet with some basic information about your case and meet with Attorney Puja A. Sachdev. If you prefer, you may complete the intake form at home and bring it with you to your appointment. Bring any court papers you may have in your possession. If you have a hearing date or other time-sensitive matters, we will discuss those first to ensure they are addressed. We will also discuss any major concerns you have, what your objectives are and how we can work together to achieve those objectives. Hiring a San Diego divorce attorney is a very personal matter and during the consultation you should determine if you are compatible with your attorney. In preparation for your consultation, it is helpful to compile and organize documents and notes to bring with you, create a timeline of events and begin collecting financial documents. This process could also generate some additional questions to ask during the consultation.

Contact San Diego Divorce Attorney for a free consultation:
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