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Former Client, Husband (Divorce)

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Reducing The Chaos Created By A Divorce

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Divorce, Child Support, Spousal Support, Division of Property...

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San Diego Family Law Attorney

Sachdev Legal Group, APC


We fully explain the process and understand clients' concerns while working towards fair, swift and efficient resolution. When you obtain closure and move on with your life, your family has the opportunity to thrive and focus on the future.


We discuss all legal options available, and the financial and emotional costs of each, so our clients can make an informed decision. We are not hired to add fuel to the fire, to leave you with uncertainty, or to make you spend more money.


In the midst of personal turmoil, clients can depend on our knowledge and determined advocacy to reclaim control of their lives. We handle our cases with civility, honesty, and maturity so you can move forward to a new chapter in your life.

Sachdev Family Law | Divorce Child Support San Diego

San Diego Divorce Lawyer and Divorce Mediator

When facing legal issues, it is important to choose a San Diego Family Law Attorney who can advocate for your interests without increasing the antagonism in your case. One of the most important decisions during an impending divorce is to choose the San Diego Divorce Attorney that can best represent you while balancing the financial and emotional costs of litigation. The team at the Sachdev Legal Group, APC understands that most clients desire to resolve their matters on an amicable basis outside of court and we negotiate equitable and fair settlements whenever possible, which is why we also offer San Diego Divorce Mediation. If certain matters cannot be settled, we are ready, willing and able to litigate the unresolved issues.  Our firm represents clients throughout San Diego County in family law matters such as divorce, legal separation, child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support, property division, domestic violence restraining orders, paternity, marital settlement agreements and post-judgment modificationsRead more…

  • Why choose mediation for your divorce?

    Mediation is structured, goal-oriented sessions guided by a trained mediator. The mediator will facilitate the discussions and focus on resolution, not conflict. You will be able to clarify issues and your position to reach an acceptable agreement. Three essential reasons why you should mediate your divorce are maintaining your privacy, creating an enforceable agreement outside of court and minimizing your legal fees. Keep your personal business to yourself. When you file your divorce case, your court file is public information. If you have a litigated hearing in court, all of those documents are in your public court file and any......

  • Top 10 Rules for Divorcing Parents

    San Diego Divorce Lawyer California Family Law Attorney San Diego Divorce Attorney The Top 10 Rules for Divorcing Parents 1. Don’t Say Bad Things About My Other Parent 2. Keep Us Out Of Adult Stuff 3. Don’t Make Me Feel Bad For Loving The Other Parent 4. Learn To Get Along For Big Events 5. Don’t Make Me Choose Sides 6. No Fighting In Front Of Us 7. Don’t Make Me A Messenger Or Put Me In The Middle 8. Don’t Share Or Take Your Anger Out On Me 9. Don’t Ask Me To Spy 10. Give Me One-On-One Time......

  • Six Steps to a Peaceful Divorce

    San Diego Divorce Lawyer California Family Law Attorney San Diego Divorce Attorney Take the “peaceful path” through any challenges in your life – you (and your children) will be better off for it and you won’t look back wishing you had set a better example.  Here are “Six Steps to a Peaceful Divorce”.   1.   Own your part; 2.   Let go; 3.   Commit yourself to peace; 4.   Don’t take the bait; 5.   Set the stage; and 6.   See the big picture. Read the full articlle by Ashley Davis Bush, LCSW: 6 Steps to a Peaceful Divorce (Huffington Post) Contact San......

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Settling Out of Court

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How to Have an Amicable Divorce

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Avoiding a Fight Over the Children

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