About San Diego Divorce Lawyers, APC

About San Diego Divorce Lawyers, APC - San Diego, CA

San Diego Divorce Lawyers, APC, formerly Sachdev Legal Group, APC, is a San Diego divorce law firm headed by acclaimed San Diego attorney Puja Sachdev. Ms. Sachdev is widely regarded as one of the top family law attorneys in the community.

Ms. Sachdev also has an extensive background in the finance and business field and is the first attorney designated as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ in the greater San Diego area.

In addition to Ms. Sachdev’s legal and financial expertise, our clients will also benefit from the firm’s personal, understanding approach to their case. Our team will rely on their experience to carefully guide and explain every step of the client’s family law case, which can be overwhelming for ordinary individuals. We will hear and address all of your unique situations and concerns down to even the most seemingly trivial details.

San Diego Divorce Lawyers, APC focuses exclusively on family law cases such as:

San Diego Divorce and Family Law Firm Legal Team

Our firm recognizes that many clients have limited time and resources, and that many prefer to settle amicably out of court and move on with their lives. It is our top priority to secure a fair settlement for our clients as soon as possible and avoid additional costs or drama.

But if the case must go to trial, you can depend on our lawyers to vigorously defend your rights and represent your best interests.

Get The Assistance You Need

A client with an impending family law case will face countless legal and financial questions. We will provide our clients an assuring voice and guidance during their times of trial as well as expert legal representation. Professional and satisfied clients alike have expressed appreciation for the firm’s human touch and winning strategies. We can offer immediate assistance to:

  • Parents who needs help with determining the amount of child support
  • Couples considering a divorce, legally referred to as “dissolution of marriage”
  • Spouses requesting temporary or permanent spousal support based on various factors
  • Spouses seeking a domestic violence restraining order to avoid abuse from their partners
  • Unmarried couples taking paternity action to determine if the father is the biological father
  • Divorced couples who must enter into Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA), a written contract which divides their property, establishes rights regarding visitation and child custody, and child and spousal support
  • Divorced couples seeking to change the original agreement following the judgment, known as Post Judgment Modifications

If you have a family law case pending, please call San Diego Divorce Lawyers, APC at (619) 866-3756 for immediate legal representation.

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San Diego Divorce Lawyers, APC
2851 Camino del Rio S #430,
San Diego, CA 92108
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We are available 24/7 to take your call!

San Diego Divorce Client Review

San Diego Divorce Client Review

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