Unfortunately, divorce is extremely common in the US. Even though the most recent census data shows that divorce rates decreased in the 2010s, CDC data still shows that almost half of all marriages end in divorce.

What is the cause of all these divorces? One common factor is specific jobs. The following ten jobs result in the most divorces.

1. Exotic Dancers

Marriages end when trust is lost. And it is often hard for one spouse to trust another when they take their clothes off in front of strangers all day long. The profession doesn’t involve sex, but the relaxed boundaries of being an exotic dancer can lead to actual or perceived infidelity.

2. Traditional Dancers

While traditional dancers don’t publicly take their clothes off, they still experience relaxed boundaries with others in their profession. This leads to similar difficulties that exist with exotic dancers.

3. Massage Therapists

The trend of relaxed boundaries continues even in a profession where job holders are expected to be utmost professionals. Massage therapists spend their days touching the human body, occasionally in intimate places. And this can make a spouse suspect infidelity even if no inappropriate behavior exists.

4. Bartenders

Another common cause of infidelity is alcohol. While bartenders usually don’t drink much (if at all), they deal with hundreds of people who have been drinking. Furthermore, a significant portion of their income (tips) comes from being friendly and outgoing toward customers.

This adds up to a situation that likely includes a lot of flirting and can tempt bartenders to break their marital promises.

5. Casino Workers

Most casinos are basically just bars with gaming tables. Alcohol flows freely at most casinos, and almost everyone socializes freely, including employees. This means that casino workers end up getting divorced for almost identical reasons as bartenders.

6. Flight Attendants

If you have ever tried to maintain a long-distance relationship, you know how difficult that endeavor is. Flight attendants spend weeks, or even months, away from their loved ones. This creates a strain on a marriage, even when no infidelity exists.

7. Medical Workers

While medical workers may come home from the job most nights, it can feel like they are away as much as flight attendants. Most medical workers work much more than a standard 40-hour work week and likely work nights and weekends. Add that to a very stressful job, and divorce is sadly common.

8. Military Supervisors

This profession has a high divorce rate for almost the same reason as the previous. Military supervisors work long hours, often away from home, in a high-stress setting. All of those factors make it difficult to maintain a happy marriage.

9. Telemarketers

Since they usually work from home, you’d think telemarketing wouldn’t contribute to divorce. Unfortunately, the job is extremely monotonous and has almost no room for growth. It also usually involves dealing with extremely rude and angry people. Sadly, telemarketers often take their frustrations out on their spouses, leading to divorce.

10. Textile Machine Operators

The reason for the high divorce rate in this profession is similar to why telemarketers get divorced. It is an unfulfilling job that leaves people exhausted and frustrated.

How to Avoid Divorce

If you or your spouse work in one of these jobs, you should be wary of the potential danger to your marriage and take steps to prevent it from ending. Even if you can’t switch professions, make efforts to spend quality time with your spouse and discuss problems before they get out of control.

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