Child Support

Can I Reduce My Child Support Payments After Losing My Job in California?

If you lose your job, that does not eliminate your legal obligation to pay court-ordered child support payments. However, you can petition the family court to reduce child support payments after becoming unemployed in California.  You must work quickly to file the motion with the court and get the matter heard by a judge because… read more

At What Age Does Child Support End in San Diego, CA?

One of the least pleasant things about getting a divorce is the inevitable fight over money with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Typically, the fight over money is the most acrimonious part of any divorce, and it’s what makes most divorces take so long to complete. There is some money that you likely are less upset about… read more

Is It Possible To Collect Child Support From a Deceased Parent in California?

Every parent in California has a legal duty to financially support their children. After all, children cannot work, and the state seeks to prevent child poverty at all costs. As a result, custodial parents have many options for ensuring that the paying parent meets their child support obligations. However, what happens when a paying parent… read more

 I Got Hurt in a Car Accident and Can’t Pay Child Support. What Should I Do?

Failing to pay child support payments in California can have serious consequences. The penalties for non-payment of child support can include: However, what happens if you are hurt in a car accident and can’t pay child support payments? Are you automatically excused from making support payments while you are out of work following a car… read more

What Does Child Support Cover in San Diego, CA?

Child support is a monthly financial obligation that one parent pays the other parent to help pay for the expenses of raising their child. More specifically, when married or unmarried parents maintain separate households, both parents are typically responsible for the financial support of their children. A San Diego court will order one parent to… read more

Is Child Support Awarded When Both Parents Share Custody 50/50 in California?

Parents are responsible for the care and upkeep of their children, regardless of their living arrangements. In other words, you continue to be financially responsible for your child even though you do not live with them. The same also applies when you share 50/50 custody with your former spouse. Continue reading to learn about when… read more

What is Considered Income for Child Support?

California’s child support laws hold both parents responsible for the financial support of their children. The obligation to pay for your child’s needs does not end with a divorce or separation. Parents who never marry do not avoid their responsibility to support their children financially. To ensure parents provide for their children, California adopted statewide… read more

Can a Child Sue for Child Support?

Courts typically order parents to pay child support when parents divorce or separate. Sometimes, a parent does not pay child support as ordered. The other parent can sue them if this happens. However, an interesting case from 2014 raised the question of whether a child can also sue for child support. This particular case involved… read more

What You Need to Know About Retroactive Child Support in California

Even though parents may not be married or live in the same household as their children, they are expected to support their children financially. California child support laws state that both parents have a duty to support their children. The support is subject to child support laws and child support guidelines.  In many cases, child… read more

Child Support Arrears

After a court enters an order for the payment of child support, the parent ordered to pay is expected to make payment under the terms of the order. Sadly, and for many reasons, child support is not always paid in full and on time. When child support payments become past-due, a parent is in child… read more