What is a Marital Settlement Agreement?

A marital settlement agreement lays out the terms and conditions of your separation. You and your spouse may agree on absolutely everything, making the entire divorce process go faster and smoother. Or, you may agree on a few things but still need to negotiate the rest. Either way, a marital settlement agreement is binding in… read more

What is a Confidential Marriage and Does it Affect a Legal Separation or Divorce?

A confidential marriage in California allows two people to get married without any witnesses present. A couple can request a Confidential Marriage License by paying an $89 fee. However, there are requirements a San Diego couple must meet. Confidential Marriage Requirements If you want a confidential marriage in San Diego, you and your spouse must… read more

What Can I Do if I Think My Spouse is Hiding Assets During a Divorce?

Getting divorced can involve many issues. Property division can be a contentious issue, especially since California is a community property state. To avoid dividing assets in half, a spouse may try to hide assets. The law requires spouses to disclose all assets in a divorce action. But unfortunately, that does not prevent some spouses from… read more

Can You Sue for Defamation During a Divorce in California?

Family court cases can be intense. The parties deal with emotional, sensitive personal issues that can cause feelings of anger, frustration, panic, and anguish.  In disputed divorces, property settlement, spousal support, and child custody cases, it is common for parties to say hateful and cruel things about their spouse. False statements are also common as… read more

What Should I Do If I Was Emotionally Abused in My Divorce?

Going through a divorce is an emotional experience. The stress and loss caused by the breakup of a marriage can cause severe emotional distress. Unfortunately, a vindictive or abusive spouse can cause a greater level of emotional suffering. A spouse does not have the right to abuse you emotionally during a marriage or while you… read more

How to Look Up Divorce Records in San Diego, CA

California law generally encourages open records. This policy includes divorce records, despite all of the personal, financial, and family information they contain. This openness explains why so many details of celebrity divorces make it into the news. Using this information could help you find out about someone else’s divorce. You could verify a potential romantic… read more

Are Divorce Records Public?

Most people do not want their private issues to be a matter of public record. However, many legal matters are public record, meaning anyone can view the documents filed with the court. Many divorce records in California are included in the public records. What Are Public Records? The public record contains documents, files, information, and… read more

Manipulative Behavior: How to Know When Your Spouse is “Gaslighting” You

No one wants to believe their spouse could manipulate them. However, manipulative behavior can be difficult to recognize. Your spouse may use subtle strategies to gaslight you into believing that you are the one causing problems in your marriage.  What Does it Mean to “Gaslight” Someone? The term “gaslighting” derives from the play Gas Light…. read more

How to Get a Summary Dissolution of Marriage in San Diego, CA

The divorce process for many people is not as complicated as it appears. Many divorces in California are simple, uncontested divorces. The parties agree to the terms of the divorce, so the process is relatively easy and quick. However, California offers an even easier, quicker, and less costly option for legally ending a marriage than… read more

Is Celebrity Divorce More Common in California?

Divorce in California is always difficult. But imagine your divorce taking place on a public stage, with hundreds of thousands of people voicing their take on the matter at every turn. While this may sound like a nightmare, it’s a reality for every Hollywood couple that decides to end their marriage. And unfortunately, that happens… read more