Does Infidelity Always Lead To Divorce?

It’s often said that around half of all marriages end in divorce. While that estimate was once accurate, it is a bit of an exaggeration today. New studies show that around 43% of first marriages end in divorce and that divorce is on a downward trend.  Infidelity is one common reason for divorce. Many people… read more

Can I Get a Quick Divorce in San Diego, CA?

Many people imagine divorce as a long, drawn-out court battle that will disrupt their lives for years to come. However, others wonder, “Can I get a quick divorce in San Diego, CA?” The answer to this question depends on many factors and your ability to move through each stage of the divorce process.  The Steps… read more

Does Polyamory Lead To Divorce?

Most couples in the United States are monogamous. Monogamy means having one spouse. It is the traditional form of marriage. Some states have laws that make cheating on a spouse illegal. California is not one of those states. You can have sex with someone other than your spouse without fear of going to jail in… read more

Yes, You Can Date While Separated in San Diego, CA, but Here’s the Catch

There is no law in California that says you cannot date while seeking a dissolution of marriage. Therefore, you can date while separated in San Diego. However, dating during separation could jeopardize the outcome of your divorce settlement. Is Dating While Separated Illegal in California? California is a no-fault state for divorces. The law does… read more

How To Confront a Cheating Spouse

Learning that your spouse is cheating on you can be one of the most heartbreaking moments of your life. Your spouse is someone who promised to be faithful to you for the rest of your lives, and suddenly learning this isn’t true can have far-reaching impacts. But you are not alone. According to the CDC,… read more

Fascinating Remarriage Statistics 2024

According to CNN, the divorce rate dropped to 2.4 per 1,000 people in 2022, representing an ongoing trend. At the same time, people were also found to be getting married at slightly lower rates than they did 20 years ago, signifying that couples are being more intentional with their decisions to marry. Nevertheless, thousands of… read more

Who Pays for My San Diego University Tuition Fees After Divorce?

What happens when you turn 18 years old and graduate high school? Are your divorced parents obligated to pay your San Diego University tuition fees for you? The short answer is “no.” No law requires parents in California to pay for their child’s college education after divorce. In most cases, child support ends when the… read more

What Does It Mean When a Marriage Is Irretrievably Broken?

Marriages end for a variety of reasons, be they cases of adultery, abuse, or desertion. But sometimes, the reason is nothing more dramatic than two people simply growing apart. Situations like these are typically referred to as a “no-fault” divorce, as neither party is being blamed for the breakup.  Another term that’s commonly used when… read more

How Does In-Home Separation Work in San Diego, CA?

Couples in California can legally separate instead of petitioning the court for a divorce. California is one of several states that recognize legal separation.  A couple must live “separate and apart” to be legally separated. Unfortunately, it may be too costly for couples to live in separate homes during separation. They may need to continue… read more

What Is a Date of Separation?

When married couples and registered domestic partners in San Diego decide to get a divorce, they come across an important question: “When did you officially separate?” This might seem like a simple question, but it holds a lot of legal weight and can greatly affect each person’s financial situation.  This blog post will dive into… read more