For those fortunate to live close to their fathers, Father’s Day provides a wonderful opportunity to spend time with them. Even in families that have endured divorces, dads will usually continue to play a role in their children’s lives. 

If you share custody of your children, try to share your plans with your co-parent so you can have the children on Father’s Day to enjoy the following fun activities in San Diego:

1. Going Out To Eat

San Diego has some of the best restaurants in Southern California. You can find great Asian and Italian restaurants downtown or head to Old Town for some delicious Mexican food. Even if you venture out of the city, you can find several other excellent eateries in the suburbs and surrounding communities. 

And for adult children, consider taking your dad to a brewpub in the Gaslamp District. It’s also worth mentioning that the local casinos often have fantastic restaurants, too. Afterward, you can hit the slots or card tables for even more excitement.

2. Hitting the Beach

San Diego has some of the most famous beaches in the world. And around Father’s Day, the weather is often beautifully clear and warm. That means there’s no better time to head to the beach for some swimming, fishing, or even just to do some walking. 

You’re bound to find an oceanside restaurant with outside seating to enjoy the scenery along the way. And you might even see a local legend roller skating along the bike paths!

3. Taking a Boat Ride

Alongside swimming and fishing, the waters around San Diego are often perfect for boating. Rent a kayak for some exercise around Mission Bay, or maybe splurge for something more adventurous, like a jet ski rental or other motorized watercraft. 

Just remember to adhere to all of the rules for riding. For instance, you must stay away from swimming areas and slow down to five miles per hour near docks and other vessels. 

Similarly, you must also ensure that your younger children (if applicable) wear life jackets. Drowning and near-drowning accidents are the leading causes of injury in children 15 and under. A visit to the emergency room would, of course, not make for an enjoyable Father’s Day outing.

4. Attending a Baseball Game

The San Diego Padres may have had a mediocre 2023 season and seem to be facing some uncertainty in 2024, but attending a baseball game with your father, grandfather, or children is always a fun idea. 

This June, the Padres have homestands against the Oakland A’s, Milwaukee Brewers, and Washington Nationals, so there are plenty of opportunities to get out there and enjoy a bonding experience as you root for the home team.

5. Visiting Balboa Park

Balboa Park has practically everything you’re looking for, whether you are planning Father’s Day with your kids or for your parent. Children will love the museums and the zoo, as well as the chance to play disc golf or just run around the garden paths. And fathers will enjoy the sights of the park’s Japanese Friendship Garden.

Planning Your Father’s Day Weekend

If you’ve gone through a separation and share custody with your child’s other parent, contact them early in the month to ensure you have a visitation scheduled for the Father’s Day weekend. 

Many parenting plans and legal separation agreements consider Father’s Day and Mother’s Day when allocating holidays, so if yours did not give you time to be with your kids on Father’s Day, try to work something out before calling your lawyer.

Finding Activities That Your Dad or Kids Will Love

The above suggestions are by no means an exhaustive list. San Diego has activities for every interest, from fancy restaurants to hiking and camping. Spending time with your dad or kids on Father’s Day might be the best activity for everyone in your family.

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