This is the time of year where many children are graduating and you are expected to be in the same room as your ex-spouse and to focus on your child’s accomplishments. Although it can be difficult, it is not impossible if you place your focus on your child and what it means to them to have both of their parents present, physically and emotionally, to celebrate the occasion– even after a divorce.

Assuring your child that you are there to focus on them will decrease some anxiety they may have about any past interactions you have had with the other parent. Putting your child at ease will allow them to live in the moment and appreciate their own accomplishments as well. There will be many more celebrations to come for your children and all of you deserve to enjoy those occasions, regardless of custody status. When you’re going through a divorce, having a strong San Diego child support lawyer like Puja Sachdev will help you deal with the challenges that you will face.

Here are six tips from Risa Garon on how to prepare yourself and your child for attending a milestone event:

1. Think before you act.
2. Consider sitting with your child’s other parent at the event.
3. Carry a picture of your child with you.
4. If your child wants a joint celebration and it is possible to work together with your co-parent, do it.
5. Decide about significant others attending your child’s event well before the event.
6. Speak to your child directly.

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