Puja was selected as a staff writer for the Millionaire Girls’ Movement! The Millionaire Girls’ Movement was founded by Ann marie Houghtailing. In June of 2011, Houghtailing launched The Millionaire Girls’ Movement with a singular goal to become the world’s greatest resource to teach women to earn one million of their very own dollars.

The Movement seeks to support, encourage, educate and motivate women to earn their worth and bring other women along. “There is a wealth of knowledge and opportunity that we can harness and access as a group if we so desire, and I believe that if we do that it can change everything! It costs us nothing to come together and everything to remain disconnected.” Ann Marie Houghtailing

Join the Movement now! “The Millionaire Girls’ Movement is dedicated to inspiring, motivating and educating women to earn a million of their very own dollars. We seek to change the culture and create more women millionaires as role models for future generations. Even if you don’t want a million dollars, you should have the skills to make a million dollars. We want to inspire one million women to commit to creating their own success.”

Puja Sachdev is a family law attorney in San Diego. With an undergraduate degree in Marketing and Management and a graduate degree in Financial and Tax Planning, Puja has a unique background to identify diverse financial matters while dividing assets in a divorce. She realized many women are not informed about how the decisions they make during their divorce may impact their independent financial future.

Puja became the only family law attorney in San Diego with the designation of Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™, a designation primarily held by financial professionals, and founded the Law Office of Puja A. Sachdev to provide legal services with integrity and financial consciousness. Check out the other staff writers for the Millionaire Girls Movement.

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