A confidential marriage in California allows two people to get married without any witnesses present. A couple can request a Confidential Marriage License by paying an $89 fee. However, there are requirements a San Diego couple must meet.

Confidential Marriage Requirements

If you want a confidential marriage in San Diego, you and your spouse must be living together as a married couple at the time you apply for the confidential marriage license. You must sign a document under penalty of perjury that you are currently living together as a married couple. 

What does that mean? There are no specifics, but generally it means you refer to each other as your spouse, you have mixed finances, you share a home, among other marital privileges and responsibilities. 

To get married confidentially, you only have to be present together along with someone to legally perform the marriage. This can be a notary public, a judge, or anyone else authorized to perform a marriage ceremony under California law.

Why Get a Confidential Marriage

The biggest reason to get a confidential marriage in San Diego is if you don’t want your marriage part of the public record. Every marriage in California is public information. Anyone can look up when you and your spouse got married.

That means your ex-spouse could locate your marriage details. So could anyone you don’t want to have that information, especially if you’re a public official or celebrity. The only way someone can get a copy of a confidential marriage record is by first getting a court order, a high bar.

You don’t even need witnesses for a confidential marriage, so there’s also little legwork if all you want to do is legalize your union with your spouse. This also means that you won’t get spam, telemarketers, or junk mail after your marriage.

In today’s world of personal data and information being so readily available online, many people simply want to keep whatever privacy they have left. One way to do that is through a confidential marriage. 

By entering into a confidential marriage in San Diego, you ensure that no one else can find your marriage certificate, get your information, or your spouse’s information. The only way for anyone to find out if you have been married is if you tell someone or if they seek a court order to view your confidential marriage certificate. 

Many people think that a confidential marriage will make splitting up easier or less bureaucratic. Unfortunately, that’s a mistaken belief.

A confidential marriage makes getting married a simpler process. It has no significant impact on a legal separation or divorce. You’ll still need to file a petition for dissolution of marriage and go through the legal divorce process to formally end your marriage. 

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