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Are you contemplating divorce in the Normal Heights neighborhood of San Diego, CA? The decision to terminate a marriage is a personal choice. However, ending a marriage has legal consequences for the spouses. 

As you navigate the California divorce process, it’s crucial that you have sound legal advice. Our Normal Heights divorce lawyers at San Diego Divorce Lawyers, APC, have over 20 years of combined experience.

We handle all types of divorce cases, such as uncontested, military, LGBT, high-asset, summary dissolution, and contested divorces. 

Divorce can be a challenging phase in a person’s life. We are compassionate and understanding. Our attorneys combine empathy with skilled legal experience to help you obtain a favorable result in your divorce case.

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How Our Normal Heights Divorce Attorneys Can Help You With Your Family Law Matter

How Our Normal Heights Divorce Attorneys Can Help You With Your Family Law Matter

Divorces raise many questions. They can also result in arguments about who gets custody of the children, how to allocate marital assets, and whether or not one spouse will provide financial support for the other spouse. A divorce case that begins amicably can turn into a highly-contested court proceeding.

When you choose San Diego Divorce Lawyers, APC, you can trust that our lawyers will fiercely protect your best interests. We are skilled negotiators who obtain fair divorce settlements for our clients. Our Normal Heights family lawyers are seasoned litigators who will fight for you in court when necessary.

You can trust that our top-rated legal team will:

  • Discuss your goals and needs for a divorce settlement to learn more about you and your family
  • Formulate a strategy to obtain your desired outcome
  • Investigate disputed matters such as hidden assets, parental fitness, and alimony
  • Handle all communications with your spouse and their attorney 
  • Work with forensic accountants, custody evaluators, private investigators, and other expert witnesses as necessary 
  • Pursue a fair divorce settlement through negotiations and divorce mediation 
  • Represent you in all court hearings, including advocating for you at trial if settlement is not possible

When you need an attorney to help you with your divorce, you want to choose a law firm that puts you first. We will devote substantial time and resources to protect you and your family during each phase of your divorce case.

Call now for a free case evaluation with an experienced Normal Heights divorce lawyer in San Diego, California. 

The History of the Normal Heights Neighborhood in San Diego, California

The area that is now Normal Heights was once farmland, although there were few farms and just a few homes. The University Heights Syndicate organized and platted the area in 1906. The area was named because of the State Normal School in University Heights.

Normal Heights sits on a mesa south of Mission Valley in San Diego. Interstate 8, Interstate 805, State Route 15, and El Cajon Boulevard form the boundaries of Normal Heights. 

Today, Normal Heights is a tight-knit community that has enjoyed a revitalization because of its proximity to downtown San Diego. Residents enjoy diverse restaurants, breweries, and coffee shops along Adams Avenue. They also enjoy numerous concerts in Old Trolley Barn Park, antique shops, and outdoor movies in Ward Canyon Park. 

This vibrant and diverse community continues to grow and be one of the best neighborhoods in San Diego, California. 

Some Attractions Near Normal Heights Neighborhood in San Diego, CA are:

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Our Family and Divorce Law Firm’s Primary Practice Areas 

Whether you have been married for five years or 50 years, your divorce will be unique. We’ll assist you with all aspects of your divorce, including but not limited to:


A divorce in California covers all matters related to the family, including property division, child custody, alimony, and child support. An uncontested divorce is an action where the spouses or domestic partners agree to all terms of the divorce settlement. 

However, some divorces are contested or involve complex issues. In all cases, you’ll benefit from having an experienced Normal Heights divorce lawyer on your side to fight for your rights and best interests. 

Child Custody

California custody cases are decided based on the best interests of the child. Courts grant legal custody (the legal right to make decisions for the child) and physical custody (who cares for the child on a daily basis). Parents may be awarded joint custody or sole custody. 

When parents cannot agree on custody terms or time-sharing schedules, judges consider all evidence presented to the court. The judge then decides custody based on what is best for the child. Our child custody lawyers will work with you to obtain an agreement that protects your parental rights and children’s best interests. 

Child Support

Parents have a legal obligation to provide for the financial needs of their children. The obligation does not end if the parents decide to divorce. Instead, California uses child support guidelines to determine how much the parents should pay in child support. 

The parent with primary physical custody (custodial parent) often receives child support, but not in every case. Our child support lawyers will carefully analyze all factors to ensure you pay/receive the amount required by law. 

Judgment Modification

Some issues may need to be readdressed when circumstances change. You can petition the court for post-judgment modification to modify the terms of spousal support, child custody, parenting time, and child support. Our lawyers handle all types of situations that necessitate changing the terms of a family court order. 

Property Division

When you divorce, you divide marital assets with your spouse. California’s community property laws divide marital assets equally. 

However, pre-nuptial/post-nuptial agreements could change how assets are divided. Our property division lawyers can work with you to receive your fair share of marital assets. 

How Do I Seek a Divorce in Normal Heights, San Diego, California? 

Most California divorces are granted on the no-fault grounds of irreconcilable differences. 

A spouse does not need to prove fault, such as adultery, domestic violence, or habitual drunkenness, to obtain a divorce. Instead, they merely need to state that the marriage is irretrievably broken and cannot be saved because of the differences between the spouses. 

You must have lived in California for at least six months before you file your divorce petition. You must also be a resident in the county where you file your divorce papers for at least three months before filing. 

Each case is unique, but an overview of the divorce process includes:

  • Filing a petition for dissolution of marriage
  • Serving the divorce papers to your spouse
  • Your spouse has a deadline to file an answer or other responsive pleading

The divorce process varies from this point. If your spouse does not respond to the divorce papers, you can petition the court for a default divorce judgment. Spouses who agree on the divorce terms can petition the court to approve a settlement and enter a divorce order.

When spouses disagree on divorce terms, the case proceeds as a contested divorce. Spouses may negotiate a settlement or enter mediation to try to settle. The case proceeds to a divorce trial if the spouses disagree on any terms. 

Our Normal Heights family attorneys can handle all requirements for your divorce. We’ll prepare and file all documents as we guide you through the divorce process. Our legal team will work with you to obtain a fair divorce settlement in a timely and affordable manner. 

How Will My Property Be Divided in a Divorce in Normal Heights, San Diego, California?

California is a community property state for divorces. The marital assets are divided 50-50 between the spouses. However, a marital agreement could impact how property is divided in a divorce.

Property division does not apply to separate property. These assets are acquired before the marriage or through inheritance or gifts during the marriage. Disputes regarding the classification of assets are a common issue in divorce cases.

Our property division attorneys will work with you to ensure you receive a fair amount of marital assets. We’ll work to protect your separate assets and ensure that your spouse is not hiding assets that should be part of the property division. 

Who Will Get Custody of Our Children After the Divorce in Normal Heights, CA?

California child custody laws begin with the presumption that children benefit from spending equal time with their parents. Therefore, courts opt for joint custody whenever possible to allow both parents to maintain a close relationship with their children. 

However, the court also acknowledges that each family’s situation is unique. Therefore, the presumption is rebuttable. Either parent can contest custody and present evidence proving that equal time-sharing and joint custody is not in the child’s best interest. 

Judges use various factors to determine what is in a child’s best interest. California Family Code §3011 lists numerous factors judges must consider during a custody case. Factors include allegations of abuse, a parent’s mental health, stability and safety of a home, and the child’s needs. 

Our child custody lawyers will pursue agreements that protect your child and parental rights.

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As you face the issues related to a divorce case, you’ll benefit from the advice and guidance of an experienced Normal Heights divorce attorney. We’ll ensure you have the advice and information you need to make sound decisions that will benefit you now and in the future.

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