The 42nd annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival is scheduled for March 16, 2024. It starts at 10:30 a.m. at Fifth Avenue & Laurel Street in San Diego, CA. 

The parade is a popular family event. Kids love the festivities, but taking the family to the parade can be challenging, even when you have two parents to keep up with the kids. Divorced parents might find themselves taking their children to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in San Diego as solo parents, making the outing even more difficult.

Are You Attending the St. Patrick’s Day Parade as a Single Parent? 

If you are attending the St. Patrick’s Day Parade as a solo parent this year, these tips can help you navigate the day successfully with your children.

Parking Can Be Challenging

The parade is a popular event in San Diego, drawing thousands of people. It can be challenging to find a parking space that is close to the parade and festival. Plan where you will park before the day of the event.

If you have small children, you may want to use a stroller or wagon to reduce walking. Long walks can be challenging for younger kids.

Arrive Early

Small children need to be up front to see the parade. They are not interested in something they cannot see. Arriving early helps you secure a great place along the parade route where your kids can see all the wonderful sights as the parade passes them. Sitting on a parent’s shoulders is not the safest way to accomplish this.

Bring Activities and Snacks

Getting to the event early means waiting longer for the parade to begin. Therefore, you need something to keep the kids from getting bored. Bring travel games, books, and other activities to keep them entertained while waiting for the parade to begin. Keeping with the St. Patrick’s Day theme can make it more interesting.

Also, bring water and snacks to the parade, but limit the amount of drinks the kids consume (see the note about bathrooms below). Kids may get hungry between breakfast and lunch.

Dress Appropriately

Check the weather and make sure that your kids are dressed appropriately. While the weather in San Diego is usually perfect, you need to ensure you are prepared for anything.

Check for Bathrooms

Take the kids to the bathroom as close to the parade route as possible. It is also wise to limit drinks to reduce the need for bathroom use during the parade. 

Go to the Parade With Another Adult

Sometimes, the best way to enjoy the St. Patrick’s Day Parade as a solo parent is to attend with another single parent or adult. Having a second adult means you have two sets of eyes to watch the kids. You also have someone who can stay with the rest of your kids if you need to take one child to the bathroom.

Navigating Life as a Single Parent in San Diego, CA

Divorce causes many changes in a parent’s life. 

One must deal with various challenges when they become a single parent, including:

  • Negotiating a parenting plan and time-sharing agreement that is in the children’s best interests while protecting your parental rights
  • Helping your children deal with the separation and parental conflict
  • Navigating financial issues as a single parent
  • Acquiring child care and healthcare
  • Dividing holidays and special occasions
  • Co-parenting with your ex, including making decisions for your children
  • Finding ways to maintain an active role in your children’s lives when you are not the custodial parent

Child custody disputes are some of the most emotional and challenging issues in a divorce case. The courts encourage parents to work together to develop parenting plans that benefit their children. 

The courts base all California child custody decisions on what is in the best interests of the child. The California Family Code lists factors judges must consider when making a determination about child custody.

However, parents may disagree on what is in their child’s best interest. There may be allegations of abuse, neglect, lack of parental fitness, or parental alienation in some cases. Even an amicable divorce can result in disputes regarding child custody.

A San Diego child custody lawyer can help protect your children during a divorce. An experienced lawyer is equipped to handle all custody-related issues. Read more on child custody FAQ.

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