How to Get a Summary Dissolution of Marriage in San Diego, CA

The divorce process for many people is not as complicated as it appears. Many divorces in California are simple, uncontested divorces. The parties agree to the terms of the divorce, so the process is relatively easy and quick. However, California offers an even easier, quicker, and less costly option for legally ending a marriage than… read more

Is Celebrity Divorce More Common in California?

Divorce in California is always difficult. But imagine your divorce taking place on a public stage, with hundreds of thousands of people voicing their take on the matter at every turn. While this may sound like a nightmare, it’s a reality for every Hollywood couple that decides to end their marriage. And unfortunately, that happens… read more

Who Gets What When Accidents Occur During A Divorce?

Accidents and personal injuries occur at any time, including during a divorce. If another party caused a car accident or other incident that led to an injury, the injured party might be entitled to compensation for damages. However, how are the proceeds from a personal injury lawsuit divided when accidents occur during a divorce? California… read more

The Governator Gets Divorced: Lessons from Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver’s Split

Divorce is never fun. Divorce under a spotlight is even worse. But some lessons can be learned from celebrities that go through a public divorce. In this case, we’ll look at the divorce of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver. What We Know In the case of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, it took over ten… read more

Can I Get Back Together with My Ex-Spouse After Divorce?

The decision to end a marriage is a big one. The decision to try again with a former spouse is an even bigger one. The smart way to handle such a situation is to be aware of the possible legal ramifications of overturning a divorce settlement. A second chance is possible, but legally, it might… read more

What is in a Divorce Decree in San Diego, CA?

A divorce can be a drawn-out process for a variety of reasons. A divorce in California is not considered finalized until a court issues a divorce decree. A divorce decree is an official document that resolves the major legal issues between a divorcing couple, such as child custody and property division. It is important to… read more

How to Serve Divorce Papers in San Diego, CA

When you are planning to file for divorce, there are many important elements that go into the process. One of the most crucial steps is serving the other party with divorce papers.  Specifically, you will need to serve your spouse with the Summons and Petition of Dissolution, any other papers you have filed with the… read more

How Domestic Violence Can Impact Your Divorce

Domestic violence and spousal abuse occur more often than many people realize. One reason is that abuse is underreported. Abused spouses are often scared to report what happened or think no one will believe that their spouse is abusive.  Sadly, many abused spouses remain in the marriage because they are unaware there is help available…. read more

How COVID Has Affected the San Diego Divorce Process

The divorce process can be a challenge. However, divorcing during the COVID-19 pandemic posed additional challenges. The coronavirus caused a halt to many court proceedings. Courthouses throughout California had to shut down last year to slow the spread of COVID-19. However, courts implemented several strategies to deal with emergency court actions during the COVID-19 pandemic,… read more

Am I Liable If My Spouse Causes a San Diego Car Accident?

A car accident during a divorce can complicate the legal proceeding. Under California law, a spouse cannot be held personally liable for injuries or damages for a car accident that was not their fault. The spouse is only liable if they would have been liable had the marriage not existed.  However, California law will hold… read more