Dealing With the Holidays When Your Divorce is in Transition

Divorce can be difficult any time of year, but facing the holidays when you are contemplating or have initiated divorce proceedings can be especially challenging. You and your spouse may have established cherished traditions together over the years and you may be worried about how your divorce will affect your children. You may also be… read more

What is a Legal Separation in California?

There is a misperception held by many people that obtaining a legal separation in California is significantly easier than obtaining a divorce¬†because it is less final than a divorce. In reality, there are more similarities than differences between the two types of proceedings. The similarities In many respects, divorce and legal separation are similar: Property… read more

Can I Get An Annulment?

Some couples may want to opt for an annulment rather than a divorce to end their marriage. It is important to know that there is a difference between a civil annulment and a religious annulment. Religious annulments are granted through the church and are not part of the legal process. In California, you are able… read more

Why Choose Mediation for Your Divorce?

Mediation is structured, goal-oriented sessions guided by a trained mediator. The mediator will facilitate the discussions and focus on resolution, not conflict. You will be able to clarify issues and your position to reach an acceptable agreement. Three essential reasons why you should mediate your divorce are maintaining your privacy, creating an enforceable agreement outside… read more