Divorce in California is always difficult. But imagine your divorce taking place on a public stage, with hundreds of thousands of people voicing their take on the matter at every turn.

While this may sound like a nightmare, it’s a reality for every Hollywood couple that decides to end their marriage. And unfortunately, that happens quite often. But is the celebrity divorce rate actually higher than the divorce rate for the general public? 

Keep reading to learn more about celebrity marriages, divorce rates, and everything in between. 

Why Do So Many Hollywood Marriages End in Divorce?

It seems like another Hollywood power couple bites the dust every day. But why? Is it the media? The publicity? Or an ancient curse?

The truth is, numerous factors work against celebrity couples. Here are just a few:

  • Celebrities are often too hasty in the decision to get married (Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson got engaged after four weeks of dating)
  • Celebrities are under constant pressure, which leads to insecurity and distrust
  • The cost of divorce is rarely an issue
  • Long hours on set and intimate roles can lead to blurred lines

Needless to say, while the average marriage takes work, one could argue that celebrity marriages take even more work. Naturally, this leads to higher divorce rates.

Why Are People So Affected by Celebrity Divorces?

If you’ve always wondered whether celebrities are more likely to divorce, now you have your answer. But why is the general public so affected when a Hollywood marriage ends? After all, most people have no personal connection to either party. Why do they care?

It could be that most people love the drama. In many ways, a Hollywood marriage seems like a fantasy or a story. And every good story needs a happy ending, right? 

There’s also a psychological factor at work. According to Psychology Today, celebrities are an integral part of the culture. Their lives affect the worldview of many people. So when a favorite celebrity couple breaks up, it feels like it’s happening to someone you actually know.

Other Demographics with High Divorce Rates

Unfortunately, celebrities aren’t the only group with higher-than-average divorce rates. Here are some of the other demographics more likely to experience divorce:

  • Casino workers
  • Choreographers and dancers 
  • Massage therapists
  • Bartenders

On the other hand, other groups have a lower-than-average divorce rate. Agricultural engineers, members of the clergy, optometrists, and transit police are all less likely than the general public to get divorced. 

General Divorce Rates

As for the average divorce rate, that number varies depending on how often a person has been married. For first-time marriages, the divorce rate is between 41% and 50%. Second marriages have a divorce rate of 60% to 67%. Third marriages have a divorce rate of 73% to 74%. 

Interestingly, couples with children have a slightly lower divorce rate than those who don’t. Children of divorce are also more likely to get divorced later in life. 

What to Do When Your Own Marriage Is Ending

If you feel like your marriage may be heading towards divorce, there are steps you can take to make the process smoother. Keep your conversations about divorce amicable. Try viewing your divorce as a life change rather than a battle or a failure.

And when you choose an attorney, look for someone who will treat every involved party with care, especially if you are working out issues of child custody. A great divorce lawyer will help you set the right tone moving forward.