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Do Step-Parents Have Visitation Rights in California?

Blended families are extremely common in the United States. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, over 3.85 million children live in blended homes across the country.  It is estimated that one out of every three Americans is either a stepchild, stepparent, or in some other form of a blended family. More than half of individuals… read more

Divorcing A Narcissist: Tips, Tools, And What To Expect

If you are married to a narcissist, the thought of going through a divorce proceeding may be worse than the thought of staying in the marriage. However, divorcing a narcissist is possible with the help of a talented divorce attorney. It also helps to know what to expect and learn some tips and tools to… read more

Everything You Need to Know About Filing Bankruptcy After Divorce

Wedding vows usually include a promise that the couple will remain together until death. This is a very romantic sentiment. But it is not realistic for most marital relationships. Romantic relationships — and marriages specifically — can end for a variety of reasons. More than 800,000 people go through the divorce process in the United… read more

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Divorce – What to Learn from It

We often hear news stories about celebrity divorces. These stories are usually released strategically by the celebrities’ representatives. This allows the involved parties to try and frame the story to their advantage.  In February 2021, Kim Kardashian West announced her divorce from Kanye West. The two were married for nearly seven years. Throughout their relationship,… read more

What You Need to Know About Retroactive Child Support in California

Even though parents may not be married or live in the same household as their children, they are expected to support their children financially. California child support laws state that both parents have a duty to support their children. The support is subject to child support laws and child support guidelines.  In many cases, child… read more

How to Get a Narcissist to Reveal Themselves

Being married to a narcissist can be a challenging experience. Divorcing a narcissist is worse. Learning how to expose a narcissist may be the only way to win a custody battle with a narcissist.  Working with an experienced family law attorney might help. A divorce lawyer deals with all types of personalities, including the narcissistic… read more

San Diego Mediation: Mediation With Family Court Services vs. Private Mediator

Under California’s Family Code, mediation is mandatory in any proceeding that involves child custody or visitation. Under these provisions, the court will order mediation, whether the underlying proceeding involves legal separation, divorce, stepparent or grandparent visitation, or paternity. The only cases in which the court will not order mediation are those where a parent has… read more

Grandparents’ Rights For Custody and Visitation in California

Most grandparents do everything they can to support their grandchildren, and every year in California, grandparents even step up to raise grandchildren. If you’re a grandparent in California wanting custody or visitation rights with your grandchild or grandchildren, you are not alone. An experienced family law attorney can help you understand grandparents’ rights for custody… read more

How To Find Cheap Divorce Lawyers?

The average California divorce costs $14,000. In cases with contentious child support disputes or complicated joint property to divide, costs can get even higher.  It makes sense that individuals worried about the cost of starting a divorce in California would search for low-cost solutions to their legal problems. What’s the problem with cheap divorce lawyers?… read more

Top 6 Telltale Signs You Hired a Bad Lawyer and How to Avoid it in the Future

There are over 1.3 million attorneys working in the United States. While most are successful legal professionals, some are just plain bad. They may be ineffective, unethical, or simply ignore your legal needs. Regardless, you should avoid hiring a bad lawyer at all costs. If you have been accused of a crime, need to draft… read more