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What Are the Residency Requirements for a Divorce in California?

You are not required to file for divorce in the state you were married. However, you must meet the residency requirements for a state before the state has jurisdiction to grant a divorce. The residency requirements for filing a divorce vary by state. The residency requirements for a California divorce are: If you have not… read more

Is Child Support Awarded When Both Parents Share Custody 50/50 in California?

Parents are responsible for the care and upkeep of their children, regardless of their living arrangements. In other words, you continue to be financially responsible for your child even though you do not live with them. The same also applies when you share 50/50 custody with your former spouse. Continue reading to learn about when… read more

When Is a Divorce Finalized and What Does That Entail?

The divorce process varies depending on the state in which it takes place. In California, a divorce can take a few months to a few years to finalize. It all depends on the spouses, the issues involved, and the complexity of the marital estate.  For example, if you qualify for a summary dissolution, you could… read more

What Should I Do When a Spouse Refuses To Move Out During a Divorce in San Diego, California?

Going through the divorce process can be a challenging experience. Living in the same house with the person you are divorcing can be stressful for the entire family. In many cases, it is impossible for divorcing spouses to continue to live together. However, what happens when your spouse refuses to move out of your home… read more

How Does Child Custody Work After the Death of a Parent or Guardian in San Diego, CA?

The death of a parent or guardian is devastating for a child. In addition to the grief of losing a parent, the child’s entire world could turn upside down. Under normal circumstances, the surviving parent assumes sole custody of the child. However, what happens if the other parent is unfit or unable to assume custody?… read more

Can I Stop a Divorce if the Paperwork Has Already Been Filed?

When a spouse files for divorce, they typically are sure they want to end their marriage. In many cases, the spouse is anxious to get through the divorce process and move forward with their life. However, there are cases where a spouse might want to stop a divorce once the paperwork has been filed with… read more

How a Mother Can Get Sole Custody of a Child in San Diego, California

California courts are not eager to award sole custody to either parent. Judges always consider what is in the best interests of the child, and more often than not, that means having both parents active in the child’s life. However, there may be circumstances where that’s not in your child’s best interest and could lead… read more

What Happens If a Spouse Refuses To Sign the Divorce Papers in San Diego, California?

Divorce is a difficult and often painful process, and when one spouse refuses to sign the divorce papers, it can make things even more complicated. In California, if one spouse refuses to sign the divorce papers, they may delay the divorce proceedings. However, in the end, they may actually end up paying the ultimate price… read more

Do California Courts Favor Mothers When Awarding Child Custody?

The topic of child custody is often a hotly contested issue in California courts, and many people believe that the courts tend to favor mothers when awarding custody. While there is no clear evidence that this is necessarily the case, certain factors may influence judges’ decisions in these matters.  Factors such as a parent’s ability… read more

How To Divide a Stimulus Check if You Are Divorced in San Diego, CA

Stimulus checks helped many San Diego, California families during the height of the pandemic. However, these stimulus checks can create extra headaches for divorced parents. Not only do the checks increase if you have children, but they may also only go to one parent, potentially leaving the other parent left without any financial assistance.  Many… read more