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Do Grandparents Have Rights in San Diego, CA?

There are various reasons why a parent might limit a grandparent’s right or ability to see their grandchildren. If you’re a grandparent in San Diego, California, and you believe you are being unfairly prevented from seeing your grandchildren, you may wonder if this is legal. The following overview will help you understand what you need… read more

How to Serve Divorce Papers in San Diego, CA

When you are planning to file for divorce, there are many important elements that go into the process. One of the most crucial steps is serving the other party with divorce papers.  Specifically, you will need to serve your spouse with the Summons and Petition of Dissolution, any other papers you have filed with the… read more

How Long Do Alimony Payments Last In California?

If you’re getting a divorce in San Diego, California, you or your spouse may be required to pay alimony. Courts typically order alimony payments to ensure that a spouse can maintain their lifestyle after a divorce. Alimony may not last forever. Usually, the payments only continue for a certain length of time. The length of… read more

How COVID Has Affected the San Diego Divorce Process

The divorce process can be a challenge. However, divorcing during the COVID-19 pandemic posed additional challenges. The coronavirus caused a halt to many court proceedings. Courthouses throughout California had to shut down last year to slow the spread of COVID-19. However, courts implemented several strategies to deal with emergency court actions during the COVID-19 pandemic,… read more

Am I Liable If My Spouse Causes a San Diego Car Accident?

A car accident during a divorce can complicate the legal proceeding. Under California law, a spouse cannot be held personally liable for injuries or damages for a car accident that was not their fault. The spouse is only liable if they would have been liable had the marriage not existed.  However, California law will hold… read more

What’s Timeshare Custody?

Custody and visitation can be fiercely disputed in a divorce case. Each parent may argue that the children should spend more time in their home. A parent may hesitate to share custody rights with the other parent for a variety of reasons. California courts recognize that a child generally benefits from a close and loving… read more

What’s the Difference Between Divorce, Dissolution, and Legal Separation?

California family law provides several avenues for couples to end their relationship. They may choose a traditional divorce proceeding. Couples may also choose to file for summary dissolution or legal separation. The main difference between the three avenues is that a summary dissolution and a divorce end a marriage. However, a legal separation does not… read more

6 Factors That Affect Child Custody Decisions in California

If you are going through a custody battle, it helps to know what the judge might consider when deciding what type of custody to award. The court considers many factors, such as the age and health of the child and their parents. A judge might also consider the emotional ties between the child and each… read more

What Are Family Law Interrogatories?

Family law matters that go to trial follow a similar process as other lawsuits. Most cases begin when a party files a petition or complaint in court and serves it on the opposing party. The opposing party files an answer or another response to the allegations. Because of the nature of family law matters, there… read more

How Does a Family Court Determine if a Parent is Unfit?

Has your child’s other parent alleged that you were unfit to have custody of your child? If so, you need to understand how you can fight against these allegations. The information in this blog can help you understand how a family court determines if a parent is unfit in California. What Does it Mean to… read more