If you have children, life after a divorce can be challenging. While you can divide property or assets in a way that never requires you to interact with your ex-spouse again, the same isn’t true for children. After the divorce, you will be subject to child custody rules and a parenting time order. This can limit your ability to spend meaningful time with your children.

As a solo parent living in San Diego, one great option for spending time with your kids is watching the Padres play a game at Petco Park. The following five tips will help you make that experience as positive as possible:

1. Plan Ahead

Tickets for Padres games can get expensive if you wait too long to buy them. To give your children a memorable experience, you will likely want good seats that may sell out quickly. By planning ahead, you can save money and get the ideal seats you want to watch the game.

2. Discuss Your Plans With Your Ex-Spouse

Having a conversation with your ex-spouse may not always be a simple task, but you should discuss big plans with them for a few reasons. First, unless your kids are passionate baseball fans, they may not want to go to multiple games in a year. This prevents your ex-spouse from planning a similar outing.

Additionally, if you have a scheduled parenting plan, a visit to Petco Park might stretch the bounds of that scheduled time. Including travel time, a meal, and a visit to Petco Park could easily take most of a day. 

It is better to discuss your plans and agree to a possible exception to your schedule than to risk causing issues with your ex-spouse. Such problems could escalate into seeking a modification to the parenting order.

3. Eat Before Watching the Game

Snacks and drinks at Petco stadium can be very expensive, even when food is provided for only a few people. While some snacks and drinks are inevitable, if you can avoid bringing hungry children into the game, you will save money.

4. Plan For the Weather

The good news is that rain and cold weather in San Diego are typically infrequent, especially during baseball season. However, warm, clear weather can still come with its own concerns.

While it is easy to dress lightly, this usually means you and your children have a lot of skin exposed. Make sure to bring shade — like a parasol — and plenty of sunscreen and water to the game.

5. Consider Going With Another Adult

As any parent knows, a day in the sun with children who are eating sugar and generally being overstimulated can be overwhelming. Your kids may be tired out by the end of the game, but you probably will be, too.

If you bring along another adult you can trust to help out, you can split duties and limit how fatigued you get. Even having someone who can take care of the driving can significantly reduce your fatigue at the end of the day. 

Anyone you choose should be someone your children can trust. If you happen to have a good enough relationship with your ex-spouse, you might even include them.

Bonding With Your Children At Petco Park

Baseball is the national pastime for a reason. Watching a game with your kids at Petco Park can be a great bonding experience for a single parent. By following these simple tips, you can create treasured memories with your children that can last a lifetime.

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